4 Days Left to Save the Historic Goldfish Tavern in Pt Defiance

Tacoma's Goldfish Tavern is hoping to re-open soon, do to the generosity of past and future patrons chipping in and backing the rehabilitation project on Kickstarter.com. It also might stay closed forever, that all depends on the next four days.

The fundraising campaign to save the iconic tavern ends this Friday and the team behind the restoration project says they are very close to making this a reality. The bar and bistro is going to have a full kitchen and will be targeting bar goers and families in the community, as well as those coming and going from the Pt Defiance Zoo, Park, and Ferry.

The Goldfish Tavern has been in existence since the 20’s, and became a tavern at the end of prohibition in 1933. “It has been a neighborhood staple and a place that many people feel very connected to” says Corey Webb, a partner in the business.  “It is awesome how many people have shared stories with us, like how they had their first beer with their father at the Goldfish.  Adam actually had a woman that he worked with in Scottsdale, 1500 miles away; contact him when she saw that he was trying to re-open the Goldfish Tavern. Apparently she had met her husband at the Goldfish and they even had their wedding there two years ago, right before it closed down. That is one of several people that have told us they met their spouse at the bar. A place like this matter’s to the community. It would be a shame for it not to re-open”.

"This has been a wonderful experience so far. The people of North Tacoma are really vested in their community. They are supporting this project more than we ever could have hoped for."

Adam Dopps, Owner of the Defiant Goldfish

According to Adam Dopps, one of the owners, “This has been a wonderful experience so far. The people of North Tacoma are really vested in their community. They are supporting this project more than we ever could have hoped for. We are getting very close to reaching our goal, but at this point it could still go either way.  There are a lot of people that are waiting or are not completely understanding of how Kickstarter works. When someone pledges to help with the opening of the Defiant Goldfish, the new name that was chosen by our Facebook followers, they are basically pre paying for something they were going to pay for anyways. If a future customer buys growlers of beer to take home and keep in their refrigerator, they will pay for the glass growler and pay for the beer every time they have it filled. That could total in the neighborhood of $50, but if they back this project and buy it now, they get a nearly 50% discount for doing so. They get it for half price, and we get $25 to use towards the construction and remodel. Everybody wins”.

The fundraising campaign is trying to reach $22,000.00. If they don’t reach that goal, they won’t get any of the money. Kickstarter has an all or nothing type of format. That $22,000 will leave them with around $20,000.00 after they pay Kickstarter and Amazon fees.  The entire project is going to cost nearly $50,000.00, and the owners had to make a choice. “We can’t do this project on our own. We need this money to make this happen” said Dopps. “If we do get the funding, some of the items like the outdoor patio and some other equipment will still have to be added later. $22,000.00 is the bare minimum we can get and actually open. But that would be opening without some of the bells and whistles we want to provide to our customers.  It all depends on if and how much we are able to raise.”   


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